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View and control from your cellphone

4G Cellular Camera

5X Optical Zoom - Remote View

1080P PTZ Cellular Camera

Our 4G camera system works thru your mobile provider to allow you to view your barns, distant pastures and gates or water troughs in distant pastures thru your smart phone. If you have cellphone service where you need to put a camera, our camera will work for you. Install a SIM card from your wireless provider, share your data plan, install the CamHi APP on your phone and you can view what the camera sees from anywhere in the world you have a cellphone connection. Set one up in your remote pasture and use the APP when you want to view the water level in the water trough to see if you need to make that long drive. The camera also is PTZ, (Pan Tilt Zoom) which you also control thru your smart phone app, so you can view up to 300 degrees around. Install a memory card so you can record what the camera sees. You can watch a live view or download images off the the SD card.

This camera can be installed in a barn where you have no wireless signal and no clear line of sight to your house. Check your livestock on your cellphone from anywhere. Use the camera to monitor buildings, fuel tanks or machinery in any remote location that has cell coverage. Unit runs on 12 volts, thru an adapter if you have AC available, thru a battery or other power source such as solar/battery.

The camera has been tested with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Bell, Telus, Rogers, SaskTel. Works with all major wireless providers.


US Customers - $ 340.00

Cdn Customers - $ 399.00

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