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You spent lots of time together on the road. Every twitch of the trailer made you wonder if they were OK. You stopped and checked them many, many times. Now see them live while you drive.


Sleep in the barn or watch your stock from the comfort of your home. Get to the barn when needed. Our wireless packages give you video and will transmit up to one mile (LOS). Infra-red give you night time vision. 

4G Cellular - Remote View Camera

Camera works with a SIM card and your shared data plan. Works anywhere there is a cellphone signal. Ideal for your remote pastures or as a barn camera where you have no wireless connection. View anywhere on your cellphone.


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About Quick Look Back

In the Beginning:

The idea for Quick Look Back started quite some time ago while my daughter was doing the barrel-racing circuit and we were constantly on the road travelling to all the different competitions.  Lots of miles, lots of quality time to talk together about everything and anything, and lots of time to wonder how her favorite horse "Tex" was doing in the trailer.  She was worried about him.  After all, he was a member of the family and her best friend.

I started to think about a way to see what was happening in the back while we were travelling.  I thought about what others were hauling, what they valued and that they would like to know everything was OK.  Some were hauling horses, some livestock, some prized cars and trucks, some, motorcycles.  Everybody valued what they hauled and everyone cared about their things "in the back".  Maybe they could benefit from my ideas also.

A Light-bulb Went Off:

Being familiar with security cameras, recorders and that sort of stuff, (I own and operate a security/surveillance company), something finally went "CLICK".  I knew I could come up with a package that would do what I wanted and would be better than anything else out there, if you could even find anything else.  So, Quick Look Back was born.

We've Grown To Meet Your Needs:

From starting off by providing wireless horse trailer cameras to help barrel racers, ropers and others keep an eye on their horses while they are hauling, to adding wireless systems for calving, foaling, and barn cameras, to having wireless systems to help in the hog industry, wireless security systems that provide you with a system to monitor your barn yard, fuel tanks, barns and buildings, and soon to be able to offer camera and monitor systems for tractors and equipment to allow you to see how things are going behind your equipment without the need to keep turning around and getting a stiff neck, we are striving to give the farmer and rancher what they need to make their life and work a little bit easier.

Our Commitment to You:

Quick Look Back offers top quality products that work and work well.  Our systems will do what we say they will, and what you need them to do....period.  With great wireless packages to choose from, with day or night vision on all models, from quality cameras that are water-resistant and offer infrared or IR for night vision, to ease of installation, our systems just work.  And backed by a one year warranty, you can have peace of mind with your purchase too.

Quick Look Back wants you to be satisfied with your purchase and we will do what it takes to ensure you will be.  Give us a try.  We're sure you won't be sorry.

In Memory of "Tex":


Tex(Shawna's first horse): According to her "He was my friend.  He was a good listener".

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