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Barn Camera System

Four Camera View

This view of a four camera system was graciously provided by one of our many customers and shows the versatility of Quick Look Back barn camera systems. The units are weatherproof, good for inside the barn and outside and work well in cold weather or hot.

This picture was taken straight-on to the TV and show you what you can expect from your system.

Quick Look Back barn camera systems do not need internet wireless in the barn. They provide their own wireless signal and will transmit up to one mile line of sight. No need to try to extend wireless to your barn or trying to lay a cable from house to barn.

You can install the optional DVR to Cellphone unit to allow you to view on your cellphone from wherever you have a cellphone signal.


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Single Cam Barn Camera System

Infra-Red Night Vision

This night-time view shows the infra-red capability of the camera as well as showing the image of a single camera Quick Look Back system

The camera automatically switch to night-time view when the light drops off to a certain level. The IR beam provides good coverage and good depth, up to 75 feet. Of course, our two, three and four camera systems also have this same night-time vision capability.


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Camera Systems

For All Kinds of Livestock

Another one of our customers sent us this photo showing the view of her sheep farming setup. Quick Look Back has great customers

Quick Look Back has provided camera systems for farmers and ranchers raising cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, goats and even llamas. Can we supply you with a camera system for your operation?