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Tractor & Equipment Monitoring System

Save your neck and back

Our camera monitoring system works with any brand of tractor. Use this camera package to view whatever you are hauling behind you. No need to constantly look over your shoulder to see if everything is as it should be. Remove the "pain-in-the-neck" while baling or to see if the equipment behind is operating as it should be.

Monitor is a 7", TFT full color LCD. Camera is wide angle with IR.

Setup is very simple. The system requires 12 volts DC and can be hard wired into the equipment wiring or use the power adapter if that is more convenient. A "Y" connection is provides allowing power to be applied to both the monitor and camera over a single cable. A 5 meter (16.5 foot) cable is supplied for connecting the camera to the monitor. The camera is mounted to look back at the equipment you are hauling while the monitor is mounted in a convenient location where it is easy for the operator to view. Spend more time looking ahead than behind you.

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US Customers - $ 229.00

Cdn Customers - $ 299.00

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